Should trichiasis be treated?

Epiblepharon is a trichiasis cause frequently seen in children (entropion in adults) because of excessive skin and the thickened orbicularis oculi muscle, and the eyelashes are pushed towards the eyeballs and prick them, causing foreign body sensation and watery eyes, so the patient would habitually rub their eyes. Severe trichiasis would even lead to high astigmatism, corneal infections and scars to influence vision. Epiblepharon could be gradually improved with the growth of the facial skeleton and baby fat reduction. Therefore, the operation timing depends on the severity of trichiasis. If there’s too much corneal scars, constant pain or itching, or the influence of vision, surgery could be considered for improvement. Surgery can trim the excessive skin and orbicularis oculi muscle (Trimming too much orbicularis oculi muscle could lead to scleral show.), combined with eyelid rotation if necessary.

Sometimes, excessive skin could occur on the upper eyelid, and its excessive skin could be improved with double eyelid surgery to turn the eyelashes outward for improvement, like the patient in the following picture.

With the improvement of aesthetics, besides functional improvement, in trichiasis surgery, smoothness and beauty of the eye shape concern everyone, so the line planning and the accuracy of suturing should also be taken care of, which will dramatically improve the post-operation satisfaction!