Notices about eye cosmetic surgery

Eventually, my eyes will become beautiful, which is so pleasing! But what should I pay attention to?

You should tell your doctor about the following things.

  1. Any allergy to medications
  2. Any big surgery, eye surgery or LASIK surgery
  3. Prone to develop a keloid or not

Notices before surgery

  1. If you have any health foods affecting coagulation, including fish oil, ginseng, natto, vitamin E, you should stop having them for 1-2 weeks; consult the doctor and stop taking anticoagulant if possible 3-7 days before surgery.
  2. On the day of surgery, please don’t wear makeup or apply too much lotion as possible as you can, and only toner can do.
  3. Fake eyelashes had better be removed because some would be dissolved in disinfectant or anesthetic, and the colloid will flow to the eyes, so there will be foreign body sensation.
  4. It’s advised not to smoke two weeks before surgery.

Notices after surgery

  1. Within 72 hours after surgery, put an ice pack about 15-30 minutes every time, 6-10 times a day. An ice pack can relieve pain, reduce swelling and prevent bleeding and bruises after surgery.
  2. After fourth day after surgery, put a hot pack about 10-12 minutes every time, 6-8 times a day. A hot pack can reduce swelling and bruises.
  3. Try not to drink alcohol and smoke because alcohol would widen blood vessels, and nicotine would constrict them and make skin swollen, which could all affect wound healing!
  4. As per the doctor’s instructions, take anti-inflammatory medication and apply eye ointment after surgery.
  5. If vision gets worse or abnormal swelling occurs, please inform your surgeon.

Things you can prepare beforehand

  1. Ice packs

In the previous three days after surgery, actively ice it with an ice pack. You can prepare ice packs of appropriate size beforehand to be placed on the eye sockets. For instance, a bag that can hold ice cubes, or 2-4 small ice packs for re-freezing and re-use.

  1. Antiseptic cotton buds and gauze pads

After incisional double eyelid surgery, medial epicanthoplasty or transcutaneous eye bag surgery, it’s advised to use a gauze pad to put a hot or ice pack. In addition, antiseptic cotton buds can be used to clean the wound.

  1. Sunglasses

After surgery, it’s inevitable not to have swollen eyes or slight bruises, so get a pair of sunglasses and put them on directly after surgery!


Wish your surgery a beautiful success!!