Eye Bag

Eye Bag Revision Surgery

After the eye bag surgery, the unsatisfactory reasons are ectropion, remaining eye bags, lower lid retraction (sclera show) and conjunctival edema.

Conjunctival edema

the white of the eye feels watery, foreign body sensation, and feels like shedding tears. Regardless of ice or hot packing, conjunctival edema after the surgery can’t be reduced faster, but about one month later, it will disappear.

Lower lid retraction

mainly due to bleeding, tight septum, excessive fat removal or eye bag surgery for over two times. Normally, the lower rim of the black eyeball aligns with or is hidden in the lower eyelid. If the lower rim is too far away from the lower eyelid, it will cause the exposure of the white of the eye, the so-called sclera show. In physiognomy, sclera show means gloomy and misanthropic, which most people dislike. Based on the severity of lower lid retraction, surgery can eliminate the retraction with or without combining with implants.


mainly due to sagging eyelids, or slight sagging eyelids combined with lower lid retraction; besides, excessive skin removal, hurting the orbicularis oculi muscle, excessive fat removal, etc. are also possible reasons. Ectropion would have the dry eye syndrome, teary eyes, foreign body sensation and irritation. The adopted revision method depends on the ectropion reasons. Retraction needs pulling forces, a sagging lower lid requires tightening, excessive skin removal can be reversed by lifting, excessive tissue cutting can be filled with implants, so an experienced doctor is needed to evaluate the real reason before the surgery.

Remaining eye bags

Removing too much eye bag fat would increase the possibility of complications and could lead to hollowness of the lower eye socket while removing too little could cause remaining eye bags. Too much is as bad as not enough. Sometimes eye bags are caused by the thin or injured love band muscle (orbicularis oculi muscle), and the love band can be rebuilt to narrow the raised tissues of the lower eyelids and make eye bags become love bands.

However, you don’t need to fear the surgery for its few complications. General anesthesia also has the risk of death, so if necessary, the patient still needs to take the risk. Eye bag surgery complications can be prevented in many ways during the surgery, and an experienced doctor will pay attention to many details to dramatically reduce the possibility of complications, so there’s no need to worry.

The before&after of the eye bag revision surgery