Exophthalmos or cockeyes?

People with strabismus cannot look others in the eye, so others would misunderstand them for that. Eyes are the windows to the soul. If there’s no eye contact, there’re fewer emotional exchanges, and others will respond with elusive eyes, so people with strabismus are unconfident about social interactions.

In fact, it’s a misunderstanding. People with strabismus use an eye to seriously look others in the eye, but they cannot control the muscle of other drifting eye.

When you encounter this situation, please don’t pay attention to their drifting eye too much. At the beginning of the dialogue, please try hard to search for the eye that looks at you and focus on that eye! You’ll discover that people with strabismus actually look at you seriously and expect to interact with you, and this thoughtful manner will let people with strabismus feel that you like to converse with them without doubting themselves, or wonder why you talk with them without looking. In another situation, people with strabismus may sometimes change one of the eyes to look at you, maybe the left eye this time and the right eye next time, but whatever the case, one eye must look someone directly in the eye!

Sometimes, there’s no need for strabismus treatment, and only wearing proper glasses can make corrections. If a child with strabismus and amblyopia or large-angle strabismus, surgery can be considered. Strabismus surgery is to control the muscles in the eye, which has six muscles to control its turning, and after precise calculations, shortening the muscles or changing the points of application can improve strabismus!

The before&after of strabismus treatment