Eye Bag

The Fastest Operation to Return to Youth---Eye Bag Surgery

Ms. Liu, 35 years old, has started to develop dark circles since high school. After working, her colleagues often show their concerns and ask,”Did you pull an all-nighter last night? You didn’t seem to sleep well and now look haggard. Are you too tired? “Actually, she sleeps sufficiently every day, but when she looks in the mirror, she discovers something puffy under the eyes and lacrimal grooves. She can’t cover it even with makeup on, so she realizes perhaps they are eye bags, which secretly appears more and more obviously.


What Are Eye Bags?

Everyone has orbital fat tissue under the eyelids. In youth, these fat tissues are tightly locked by the septum under the lower lid. However, as one ages, the septum of the eyelids gradually becomes thinner and looser. The orbicularis oculi muscles and skin lose their elasticity, causing the orbital fat to protrude outwards and form an eyelid bag. At the same time, there is a ligament attached to both the skin and the periosteum near the nasal lower side of the eye bag, which is much more concave than the above eyelid bag, which is called the lacrimal groove.


Eye bags are different from love bands

In the 19th century, French neurologist Guillaume Duchenne verified a true smile involves contraction of both the zygomatic major muscle (which raises the corners of the mouth) and the orbicularis oculi muscle (which raises the cheeks and causes small lifting around the eyes). The lifting of the orbicularis muscles, which is so-called “love band” deliver happy emotions. The one with obvious love bands has “smiling eyes,” which can send out more happiness to others.


What to Do with Dark Circles?

The main reason? Excessive eye bag fat pushes forward the muscle blood vessels in front of eye bags, which slows down blood circulation. The skin under the eyes is very thin, so the color of venous blood vessels is more obvious. Under this circumstances, eye bag surgery can improve dark circles.


Recover Youth-Eye Bag Surgery

In the love bands are muscles, but in the eye bags are fat. If eye bag surgery removes excessive eye bag fat, it still will make eyes sunken, which conveys depression and fatigue. The best eye bag surgery can only remove moderate amount of fat, and perform fat transposition to fix some on the lacrimal groove. Once the lacrimal groove is improved, the lower eyelid will be flat and elastic. Besides, if mid face lifting can be properly conducted at the same time, the surgical effects would be much better and the face would look young and bright. Finally, if the originally loose septum can be reconstructed, it can greatly reduce eye bag recurrence.

In addition to age and physical health, maintaining a regular lifestyle, such as avoiding being a night owl and insomnia, and staying positive can delay the occurrence of eye bags. Hope you can recover your young and bright eyes!


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