Eye Bag Revision Surgery

In general, after 8-9 years of eye bag revision surgery,
eye bags still appear as the patients age.

The recurrence of eye bag

The recurrence time depends on the conditions of the first surgery.

  • 1.Whether septum reconstruction was performed or not?
  • 2.Did the first surgery cause a lot of stiff adhesions in front of the orbital fat?

If what is mentioned above is yes, the eye bag recurrence time will be longer.

However, excessive stiff adhesions results from excessive electrocauterization, bleeding, or excessive fat removal in the first surgery. Although stiff fibrous adhesions in front of the orbital fat can prevent the eye bags from recurring, once the eye bags recur, the surgical difficulty will greatly increase. Because there are many important nerves and blood vessels under the eyelids, doctors should be very careful stripping them. However, stiff fibrous adhesions will make these procedures dangerous and difficult. In addition, the fibrotic tissue is white and so are nerve, and therefore these fibrotic tissues are not suitable for quick cutting, and it requires experienced physicians to perform the surgery with special techniques and it also takes longer time than the first surgery.

The Differences from the First Eye
Bag Surgery

In addition to a longer time,
there are also the following conditions:

  • 1.There are three main areas of fat in both eyes. Because the previous operation might not remove three areas of fat in two eyes asymmetrically and evenly, when the eye bag fat is used to fill the tear trough, the inferior oblique muscle in the middle of the fat, which is in charge of turning eyeballs, should be more carefully treated, since the inferior oblique muscle isn’t necessarily in its original position, perhaps wrapped in the adhesions.
  • 2.Septum reconstruction can prolong the recurrence time next time. If in the previous surgery, the septum wasn’t retained, this step would be difficult, or it requires piecing things together to form fragile reconstruction tissues.

    Sometimes for the limited conditions of the lower eyelid, it’s impossible to be enduring and flat like the first eye bag surgery, and this is the limitation of eye bag revision surgery. However, if the conditions of the lower eyelid are good, the result still can be flat and lasting.