eye bag surgery

Everyone has orbital fat tissue under the eyelids.
In youth,
these fat tissues are tightly locked
by the septum under the lower lid.
as one ages,
the septum of the eyelids gradually
becomes thinner and looser.
The orbicularis oculi muscles
and skin lose their elasticity,
causing the orbital fat to protrude outwards
and form an eyelid bag.
At the same time,
there is a ligament attached to both the skin
and the periosteum near the nasal side of the eye bag,

which is much more concave than the above eyelid bag,
which is called the lacrimal groove.

Eye bag structure

Eye bags vs Love bands

In the 19th century, French neurologist Guillaume Duchenne verified a true smile involves contraction of both the zygomatic major muscle (which raises the corners of the mouth) and the orbicularis oculi muscle (which raises the cheeks and causes small lifting around the eyes).

Not like the muscles that control the angle of the mouth, some of the orbicularis muscles cannot contract automatically. They can only contract when people are truly happy.

Therefore, the lifting of the orbicularis muscles, which is so-called “love band” can really deliver positive emotions. It can bring youth and happiness.

What kind of people have eye bags earlier?

The outside of the eye bag from the inner to the outer layers are the septum, the orbicularis muscle, and the skin. If people are born with a weaker orbicularis muscle, they will start to develop eye bags in their youth. In addition, if people violently rub their eyes frequently due to allergic conjunctivitis, the septum will be loosen and cause the eye bag develop earlier.

The treatment

There are two methods of surgery:Transconjunctival eye bag surgery & Transcutaneous eye bag surgery.

Transconjunctival eye bag surgery Transcutaneous eye bag surgery
Contents of surgery eyebag removal, lacrimal groove filling, septum reconstruction eyebag removal, lacrimal groove filling, septum reconstruction, mid-face lifting, love band reconstruction
Surgical time 1.5-2hrs 2.5-3hrs
Detumescence 80% for 1 week 80% for 1 week
Bruise period 1-2 weeks 2 weeks
Recovery period 2 weeks 2-3 weeks
Anesthesia Local anesthesia Local anesthesia

Transconjunctival eye bag surgery

The surgery is operated from the lower side of the conjunctiva. Because the wound on the skin is nearly invisible, we call it “transconjunctival eye bag surgery.”

Transconjunctival eye bag surgery

eye bag surgery

There are conditions when transcutaneous is better than transconjunctival one:

1. Lower eyelid laxity test failed A personwith loose lower eyelids would have the risk of ectropion, one of the complications after performing transconjunctival eye bag surgery.
2. Many wrinkles in the lower eyelids or loss of elasticity in the skin.

We can imagine that a face like a fat-filled slack bag, and after fat removal, it doesn’t look good. But if a large amount of fat is taken out from a very elastic young skin, the bag-like face can be restored to flatness ( just like a pregnant mother after giving birth, her abdominal skin can somewhat retracts after delivery). However, it is impossible for loose skin to retract, so it is necessary to firm the skin by transcutaneous surgery.

Transcutaneous eye bag surgery

Surgical procedures

Fat transposition to fill the lacrimal groove

The depression of the lacrimal groove sometimes makes the eye bag more obvious. If only the fat is removed but the lacrimal groove is not treated at all, in order to be compatible with the depressed lacrimal groove, taking out too much orbital fat will increase the risk of ectropion.

Excessive fat removal together with the effect of the lacrimal groove will also make the lower lid concave and dark circles more obvious, sending out a feeling of depression. The best eye bag surgery nowadays only removes moderate amount of fat tissue, and perform fat transposition to fix some on the lacrimal groove. Once the lacrimal groove is improved, the lower eyelid will be flat and elastic.

  • Septum

    A membrane on the outside of the orbital fat locks fat tightly inside. As the septum gradually gets loose with age, the surgery is to rejuvenate the septum and return it to firmness.

    With the protection of the septum, it can also delay the time of eye bag recurrence.

  • Mid face

    Eye bags often emerges with drooping cheeks. During the operation, the lifting of the cheeks can restore them to a younger position, and also reduce the nasolabial folds. It is one of the keys to becoming younger after surgery.

  • Reconstruction
    of love bands

    In addition to protecting the eye bag fat and delaying the time of eye bag recurrence, love bands can also avoid ectropion, and make people look younger and their eyes more attractive.